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Re: [TowerTalk] Rotator Loop

To: Pete Smith <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Rotator Loop
From: "Roger (K8RI)" <>
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 20:48:08 -0400
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Pete Smith wrote:
> How about this - turn the rotator to its clockwise stop.  Then wind 3 turns 
> of flexible coax loosely around the mast, also in a clockwise 
> direction.  As the mast rotates, the coax turns will loosen, but the 
> rotator loop will always be supported by the mast.
I do the installation this way with the exception of having mine set so 
the entire loop lays on the *flat* tower (ROHN 45G) top plate. In over 6 
years with a rotator that turns 460 degrees I've had no problems (with 
the rotator loop).
> I would also suggest cabling from your feedpoint in to the boom-to-mast 
> plate, and having a connector there.  Make your rotator loop a separate 
> piece.  That way you won't need a crane if there is a next time.
It's an extra set of connectors but certainly worth the price, effort, 
and what little loss might be experienced.  I have 5 runs coming down 
the mast to the top plate. I'm looking at the possibility of adding a 
horizontally polarized 2-meter LONG Yagi for a total of 5.  I'm 
seriously  thinking of making the loops separate pieces with the bottom 
end going to the bulkhead connectors for grounding at the top of the tower.


Roger (K8RI)
> 73, Pete


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