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[TowerTalk] Field Day Tower/Beam help welcome!

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Field Day Tower/Beam help welcome!
From: "Derek Cohn/WB0TUA" <>
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 21:12:54 -0500
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Hi Everyone,

Over the past couple of years, a small group of hams (about 6 - 8 guys) in the 
St. Louis, MO area has put together a Field Day station.  Each year, we try to 
build on the effort of the previous year.  We have two operating positions, one 
for CW and one for SSB.

Last year, was our first attempt to put up a tower and beam and we used it for 
the SSB operators.  This year, we're going to try to put up a second tower/beam 
so both operating positions have one.  We also plan to have a full size 160m 
dipole with a link-coupled tuner so we can work 160 - 40m.

We could use a little bit of help putting the towers and beams up on our dry 
run the weekend before Field Day and on Field Day itself.  Last year, by the 
time we had everything put together, we were too spent to start operating!  If 
you like playing with towers and beams and would like to join us on Field Day, 
you'd be most welcome.  If you're like me and don't have the space/resources to 
put up a tower and beam, you can still learn about it at our Field Day event.  
I can say I sure learned a lot about putting all that aluminum in the air last 

We also invite you to stay and operate with us.  We can use both phone and CW 
ops.  We're very casual about this and the most important piece of equipment we 
bring out is the Weber Kettle.  Our goal is just to have some fun, do some 
operating, and learn about how to set up an emergency field station.  If you 
think this might be fun, please contact me at

Derek Cohn
Morse Telegraph Club - Alton Chapter
Office UD, Sine DJ
Amateur Radio Station - WBØTUA
1969 Brunswick M274A5 Mechanical Mule

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