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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Planning New Tower
From: "Larry Essary" <>
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Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 19:00:50 -0500
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If you can use a fixed height self supporting tower you might consider the
AN Wireless.  They have some very high wind load ratings.   90 feet at 36.6
sq ft at 70 MPH.

Larry K5XG

> Thanks - good points - what tower would be suitable for a beam of this
> or should I just go with the 4 ele steppir and do something else for 40m
> such as a sloping dipole array or a 4 square>
> We can get some pretty severe microbursts here
> Mark N1UK G3ZZM
> >I think you are a bit overloaded with that tower.  The tower is rated
> > for 16 sq ft at 70 mph and the MonstIR has a load of 23.9 sq ft.   I'm
> > not sure how the rating goes up as you lower the tower, but I would
> > expect a significant increase.  I have tried to get that information,
> > but US Tower doesn't rate them like that and won't give out any info.
> >
> > Another item of concern, and this is the reason I chickened out putting
> > a MonstIR on a crankup which was rated to handle the windload.  Because
> > of the size, those antennas can put a lot of torque on a tower.  If you
> > look at the HDX series of crankups the only thing resisting that torque
> > is 3 little ears.  If those bend, the tower is jammed. I was unable to
> > get any torque rating information out of US Tower.
> >
> > Jerry, K4SAV
> >
> > Mark Robinson wrote:
> >
> >>I am starting the planning phase of my tower. I am thinking of
> >>a Texas Towers HDX-589MDPL crank up tower. I would like to put a MonstIR
> >>beam on it. I am concerned with the windloading - fully extended I don't
> >>think that I have enough safety margin - I believe that the Steppir has
> >>windload of around 30sq feet.
> >>
> >>Can I guy this tower at the top to get a better wind loading or should I
> >>leave it at say 50 of 60 feet most of the time? Does anyone know how the
> >>max windloading figure increases as the tower is nested?
> >>
> >>What would be the recommended rotor for a beam of this mass - I want the
> >>installation to hold up in our rough summer storms. I am located in
> >>Carolina
> >>
> >>
> >>thanks  Mark N1UK G3ZZM


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