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Subject: [TowerTalk] Pole steps
From: W4KAZ <>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 21:05:07 -0400
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Cabella's does indeed have a variety of steps.  I once upon a time 
climbed them in the piny woods along the Gulf Coast, seeking Bambi's 
Papa for the purposes of filling the freezer with yummy lean protein.

As N4ZR points out, climbing is always hazardous.  It's also better to 
load the weapons at the top in the stand than on the ground....but 
nobody really ever tried to climb with a chambered round, right? (Nope, 
not me, but I hear stories.)  But now I digress.

But if you are going to do it with reckless abandon, heedless of the 
possible dangers to life and limb, knowingly managing the risk is 
possible.  Its really not much different than tower climbing(also 
dangerous), except there's more ants, wasps, hornets, critters, and 
Poison Ivy.  Oh, yeah, sometimes the trees are rotten.  And your foot 
can slide off a pole step easier than it will off rohn 25.  That little 
flare on the end of a pole step is not nearly as user friendly as a 
triangle of z-brace on a tower.

The hunter's steps are in some cases of better quality than those used 
by some utility companies, who may in fact have chosen the lowest bidder 
in complete reliance on their insurer paying death and disability to 
their potential unfortunate employees or sub-contractors.  Caveat emptor.

I always liked the wide tread type steps better than the skinny ones.  I 
like steel shanked boots too.


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