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[TowerTalk] Suggestion for mounting 5ft dia loop?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Suggestion for mounting 5ft dia loop?
From: "Jim Miller" <>
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Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2008 21:23:42 -0400
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I'm building a 5ft diameter loop antenna. I'm planning to mount it atop an 
8ft post.

My question is what is a suitable post material and how to ensure its 
stability. Two choices I can think of are a 12ft pressure treated 4x4 sunk 
in a 4x1ft hole with concrete backfill. The other one I can think of is a 2" 
galvanized pipe likewise sunk in a concrete mix.

I realize this is a pretty unstructured question but it is due to my design 
flexibility at this point.

Any recommendations as to which would be better? Any other choices I've 

I'd like to avoid guying either post if possible.

My QTH is atop a hill 200ft above the surrounding valleys with winds often 
over 60mph. The central loop diametrical support member will have diamond 
stays to keep the loop stable w.r.t. the mounting post.

Suggestions welcome.


jim ab3cv 


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