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"We were informed by our agent, as he was handing over the check, that any
more damage caused by that tree to our house, or the neighbors, and it won't
be covered."

If that's the case, I would seriously rethink your insurance carrier.

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That is correct Jim.

It also applies to "creative" electrical wiring, plumbing, house
additions, etc.... I'm learning that it also applies to trees. We have a
70' pine tree in the front yard. We had an ice storm which broke off a
few significant limbs, one of which hit the house and tore the gutter
off the roof. Didn't penetrate the roof, just cosmetics.

We were informed by our agent, as he was handing over the check, that
any more damage caused by that tree to our house, or the neighbors, and
it won't be covered. Anybody want 70' of pine tree? It's coming down as
soon as the ground firms up.

The point is, anything you do to your house or property that skirts the
local ordinances can and most likely will void your coverage if
something happens. I guess you have to decide if not having to deal with
the local zoning authority is worth the added risk.

jim Jarvis wrote:
| TT:
| War stories notwithstanding, I think it's safe to say that we will
| never improve the
| regulations or their imposition, if we don't play within the system.
| With that, one illustrative war story:
| In Vermont, for the first 5 years or so, I just put the tower up and
| never asked.
| It was only 60', and attached to the house, and screened by large
| trees such
| that it wasn't an aesthetic issue.   Nobody said a word.    Possibly
| they didn't
| know it was there.
| When I decided to go to 100',  I elected to get a building permit.
| In order to do
| so, I needed to have the zoning board approve a variance, or special
| use permit.
| In the process, another local and I formed an RFI/EMI mediation
| consulting group,
| to assist the town with existing or future neighbor/amateur/
| commercial interference
| issues.  (we had one difficult case)  In addition, I worked with the
| zoning code official
| on ordinance language which eased restrictions on amateur towers to
| 70', providing
| they weren't also used for commercial purposes.
| They ammended the ordinance and granted me a variance for 100' at the
| same
| meeting.
| Two neighbors showed up at the hearing.   One spoke in favor of me
| being able to
| do anything I wanted on my land because I was a good neighbor.   The
| other sat
| quietly and didn't say anything, because their cows had gotten out
| and trampled my
| garden the day before.   Who knew that cows liked tomatoes and hastas?
| A month later, in the backwash of a hurricane, an oak tree fell
| across a guyset and
| took the 100 footer down.   There was around $5k damage.   If I
| hadn't had a building
| permit, my homeowners insurance wouldn't have covered it.
| Not ONLY would I not have been covered for the asset value, but if
| anyone were hurt,
| neither my homeowners nor my umbrella coverage would have protected me.
| Erecting illegal structures which cause harm ISN'T covered in most
| insurance contracts.
| There endeth the epistle.
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