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Re: [TowerTalk] towers, zoning and permits

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] towers, zoning and permits
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Well, I guess it depends on your location as to what some insurance
companies will offer.  On my lot, I have a lot of 60-80' ash trees, oak
trees and cherry wood trees.  My HOI policy covers me should one find its
way on my house to the extent that the company will replace the house
completely.  Of course this coverage isn't free.  For added measure my
umbrella policy (with another provider) picks-up where the other policy left

To stay on topic, if a neighbor wanted to sue me for one reason (future
tower) or another, they better have an endless stream of cash or at least up
to what my umbrella policy covers.

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I think that's pretty standard boilerplate language since Hurricane
Andrew. I don't know of a single homeowners insurance company who will
continue to cover damage from a tree to the house once it's actually
caused damage. They think it's a continued risk even though we've had
professional arborists up the tree to check it out. They think once it's
dropped limbs it will continue to do so and the house could be underneath.

We'll see what the neighborhood busy bodies have to say when it comes down.

Jim Chaggaris wrote:
| "We were informed by our agent, as he was handing over the check, that any
| more damage caused by that tree to our house, or the neighbors, and it
| be covered."
| If that's the case, I would seriously rethink your insurance carrier.
| 73,
| Jim N9WW

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