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Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 23:24:27 -0400
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Bob Maser wrote:
> I acquired 2 still in the can, new selyns along with a prop pitch that I 
> purchased today.  Does anyone know what these selsyns are worth?  I have no 
> use for them as I am going to control my PP with the Green Heron control box 
> so I will be selling them. They were manufactured by the Electrolux Company 
> and have a May, 1954 date on the cans along with other info.  I was told 
> that they require 120VAC but I'm not sure.  If more info is needed, I can 
> take pictures.
I have no idea as to what they are worth now days.  Certainly far more 
than we paid in "the old days" . Some actually used these things as TV 
rotators or indicators. You always found a pair with a prop pitch motor 
rotator for direction indicating.  If I've described them correctly, 
when you figure out what they are worth  if you still wish to  get rid 
of them let me know.<:-)) This sure brings back memories.  There used to 
be a surplus place in or near Detroit. When you stepped out into the 
"junk" yard they had many 55 gallon barrels full of 110vac selsyns.  
they were probably 3 to 4 inches in diameter  and about as long.  The 
diameter was stepped with a good inch of each end about a 1/2" smaller 
in diameter than the center portion.  The output shaft was a 1/4" IIRC.  
As I recall the center portions were orange and the end portions were 
machined Aluminum.


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