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[TowerTalk] Very Neat Way To Cool equipment....

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Very Neat Way To Cool equipment....
From: "Bill Winkis" <>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 13:51:55 -0400
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If you ever wanted to cool down a piece of equipment read this....!!!

They now make a device called a "LapTop Cooler" .... This is a very flat plate 
around 1 inch thick, with 2-3 very silent low speed fans... it pulls air 
through your equipment  into the fan, then exits the air out a open slot in the 
rear of the plate. 

I stuck one under my 781...and BOOM...whereas the top was always warm to the 
touch. now its cool...... Amazing.....

I always graph'd the exit temp of the Sherwood fan... and now that temp is down 
15 degrees on idle heat....

I have a couple of 30 amp  DC supplies that always run warm...the LT cooler has 
taken care of that...Now the case's are cool...

So If you have a piece of equipment that you want cooled , look at at LapTop 
Cooler...Note: it runs on 5Volts DC . 

Here's a URL if you want to look   .but shop if your interested, because there 
are 50 different styles etc..pick one that suites your need the best....


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