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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] worlds biggest yagi
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Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 19:03:49 -0400
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Its from Onion wrote:
The subject of this thread is a misnomer.  The proper title would be on 
the cover page  of the link below.
This is far from being the worlds largest yagi which would probably go 
to one of the big, full size 75 meter Yagis we've seen listed recently.

Even the six, three element antennas spaced to give one long yagi on 20 
might take the "longest" title, but not the largest.

As the title page on the link below states, World's largest StepperIR 
*array*.  IOW it's an array of 6 antennas fed pretty much in phase  That 
it's a huge array there is no doubt and I'd love to be able to 
experiment like that, but being on a pension, I'm either going to need 
to hit it big in "the market" OR win the big lottery and at my age I'd 
better be doing it soon.

I am planning on building a fold over and/or crank up mast,  but I need 
to come up with a good lifting mechanism design.  I have for the fold 
over and rotation, but I need something STRONG to go up 70 feet that  
will support a large antenna without swinging around in the wind.


Roger (K8RI)
> the sad thing:
> No modeling was done to adjust phase distortion differences between the top 
> arrays and the bottom arrays. I addition the splitter circuits were not phase 
> coherent and the side by side optimal spacing would not track to other bands. 
> He would have saved a lot of money just stacking two antennas at 190 and 160 
> feet. He spent $500,000 chasing the last 3-4 dB. 
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