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Re: [TowerTalk] 20M 16 El yagi

To: jim Jarvis <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] 20M 16 El yagi
From: Jim Lux <>
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2008 18:16:43 -0700
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jim Jarvis wrote:
> I can see building this thing, if you lived in the black hole, or  
> just wanted to run EU in
> contests.     But only at 50'?     I wonder if he modelled it to see  
> if a shorter antenna @ 70'
> would have been better, at that distance?
> I DO know that I got my clock cleaned... err, freq. stolen...  by  
> some W5 in arrl SSB, and
> didn't understand it until I discovered he was running 8 over 8 @ 90  
> and 120', fixed into EU.
> I wonder what the half power beamwidth of that 16 element longboom  
> yagi is!   Bet it cuts off
> parts of Europe you'd like to work.
> n2ea

Just as a comparison, I looked up some specs for long boom 432 MHz Yagis 
with 16-24 elements using google.. Looks like that 16 el beast would 
have a beam width on the order of 30 degrees.  call it half a radian. 
So, if you have a path 2000 miles long, the half power width is 1000 
miles wide. (yeah, plane geometry, approximations everywhere, etc... but 
that's the general idea..)  I don't know that "cut off" is exactly the 
term I'd use.  I am reminded of the stories about W6AM's farm o'rhombics 
on the Palos Verdes Peninsula with the legendary (and non-existent) 
switch for switching between the antenna for "north London" and "south 

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