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Re: [TowerTalk] Rohn 45 55 anti climb

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Rohn 45 55 anti climb
From: "Daron Wilson" <>
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 12:37:26 -0700
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>Daron, if you approach this group with this attitude, then you pretty much 
>deserve what you get, and in fact I think we've been pretty gentle.  The 
>reason you got lots of other suggestions is that almost nobody uses the 
>Rohn panels, and we assumed that you could return them to your supplier if 
>we suggested some better, cheaper solutions.

Thanks Pete,

I believe I said those were interesting suggestions, but not an answer to my

Imagine you posting a question like this:

"I have a Rohn 'Erection Fixture' (Gin Pole) that I just got, I need to use
it to stack up some tower but there are no instructions.  Has anyone else
used a Rohn Gin pole and if so, can you tell me how it works?"

A fair question indeed.  Now let's imagine I jump right in to be helpful and
explain that you can just buy a piece of aluminum tubing, get some U bolts
to clamp it to the tower, install an eyebolt in the top and install a pulley
and that is much easier.  Have I helped you?  No.  Have I answered your
specific question? Nope.  Are you probably going to ask again because you
didn't get an answer?  Yes.  Are you itching to return your factory product
and make one simply because no one can tell you how to use it?  Probably
not.  Will you likely try to rephrase the question and elaborate on what you
are looking for?  I hope so, that is what I tried to do.

It is very nice to have alternatives, and if I had posed the question such
that I had these panels but didn't want to use them and was looking for an
alternative, most of the answers would have been very helpful.  However,
that just wasn't the case.

My 'attitude' arose when the tone starting coming across like I was stupid
for even asking how to use a manufactured product for its specific use, on a
list with literally hundreds of folks that could likely have experience with
the specific part I was asking about!  I explained this is an engineered,
specific job.  Prior to delivery, I had to submit all the materials to be
used for approval by the engineer.  He has approved the tower and anti-climb
panels.  If I were to change, I would need to go back through that process
with another product, wait for approval, etc.  From what I can tell there is
nothing wrong with the Rohn panels, I'm just not clear on how they are
installed (correctly) so they don't rattle around and don't become resonant
(not grounded).  If you don't know how to correctly install the Rohn anti
climb panels, there is little reason for you to respond to my post, IMHO.
If, however, you do respond to the post with some alternative that is
helpful to other people curious about anti climb panels, that is fine
indeed.  But, it doesn't answer my question so I'm likely going to rephrase
it and try again.  

Unfortunately the response from Dale who ways he has two of them installed
on 45, has had for 15 years and they don't make any noise or rust, didn't at
all elaborate on how they were installed but recommended I hire an
consulting engineer to tell me how to install them.  I thought I almost had
an answer!

Maybe I wasn't clear, but I have them and I have to use them.  I'm guessing
about how to screw them together, if someone has installed these with the
included sheet metal screws, and is willing to share their secret with me,
I'd still like to know.

If my response came across as 'attitude' my apologies, it is simply
frustration trying to gain a straight forward answer to what seemed like a
pretty simple question.

I'll call Rohn tomorrow morning and find out the answer.

Thanks and 73 



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