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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Homebrew HyTower
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Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 17:14:09 -0400
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Mostly just a copy of the HyGain specs except I made the lattice part out of 
27' of Rohn 25.  Used Teflon 1/4" thick, 6" diameter disks from McM/C as the 
insulators for the stinger, Oil filled rod, not tubing also from McM/C and 
plenty of radials(80).  Feed it with LMR900 which I buried under my front 
lawn.  It's all coming down in a few weeks as I finally found a LM354HD 
which will go in the same spot as the vertical.  Thinking about peddling it 
soon.  Wanna buy it?

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Subject: Homebrew HyTower

> Hey you post on the homebrew Hy Tower and do you have any specs 
> on that or just trial and error? I had talked to a guy out west who had a 
> tower and "insulators" for sale and I asked him what he used for 
> insulators and he said he took 3 different sizes of PVC and inserted each 
> into the other and made his own. Tower was up for several years he said!! 
> Had to be cheap enough
> From what I found from your source at McMaster & Carr they sell them in 
> 26" peices and depending on the wall thickness is the price
> I have extra 25G and I would be interested in experimenting if you have 
> any plans
> 73
> John
> KO4XJ 


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