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Re: [TowerTalk] Adjustment of the Fulton K1550 winch clutch

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Adjustment of the Fulton K1550 winch clutch
From: Dino Darling <>
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2008 09:03:53 -0700
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The clutch plate is actually on a screw or for lack of a better
description, is SELF ADJUSTING.

The spool is attached to one side of the clutch pack via a gear on one
end.  The other side of the clutch pack is secured to a cog.  The crank
shaft is threaded with the spool clutch pack.  The weight of the tower
is trying to unspool the cable off the spool.  The spool rotates and
spins the spool clutch pack on the threaded shaft, tighter against the
stationary cog pack until it stops.  As the clutch material wears, it
will screw farther onto the threaded shaft.

When you lower the antenna, the cog holds one end of the clutch pack
stationary.  The spool pack is being unscrewed (loosened), allowing the
spool to rotate.  Since the spool is constantly trying to spin the pack
(tighten) until it stops, as soon as you stop turning the handle, the
spool stops.

When you raise the tower, the clutch pack is tight and the whole
assembly ratchets over the cog.

If you lower your tower all the way down and take the weight off of the
cable and spool, you can actually rotate the spool by hand and really
see what the spool pack does.  Play with it, you won't hurt it. Under
normal use, you can't see the loosing and tightening effect of the spool
pack because of the minimal movement.

DO NOT ADJUST ANYTHING!  It is SELF ADJUSTING.  Lube your cables and
bushings once a year as a minimum!

Dino - K6RIX

The tower came with a K1550 winch. I understand that this winch uses a
clutch to lock the winch when the tower is extended. I understand also
the clutch should be automatically released when the handle is turned to
raise the tower and the clutch is engaged by the cable tension from the
weight of the upper tower sections. There are two nuts on the clutch
that set the clutch pad spacing or pressure. I know that the manual says
clearly not to adjust these however on this winch they have definitely
readjusted. How are these adjusted to ensure proper operation of the


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