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Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 14:15:19 -0400
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Miller makes a light one that works fine for running up the tower and doing
some work.
DBI/SALA also make a nice one.

For hanging in the air for hours I prefer a  DBI/SALA Exofit. They are more
money but
easier on the butt and legs after hanging for some time. It weighs more also
but has a
removable butt sling.


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>  The conversation  on this reflector has pointed me in the proper safe 
> direction and now I am  looking for personal experiences with the full 
> body harness and fall  arrest.

Probably the most important item at the time of order is an intangible that
cannot be purchased on-line: Proper training and use of the harness.  I am
amazed at the number of folks who will purchase a full-body harness, not
knowing the first safety-related issue before they ascend a tower.

I routinely draft contracts on behalf of my commercial clients with the
stipulation that unless a contracted worker has been put through recognized
tower training and rescue course (e.g., Comtrain), they are unauthorized to 
touch a tower and its components.   You cannot completely buy your way into 

Paul, W9AC


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