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Re: [TowerTalk] Full body harness - Law Suits??

To: Bill Winkis <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Full body harness - Law Suits??
From: "Roger (K8RI)" <>
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2008 20:28:07 -0400
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Bill Winkis wrote:
> This brings up an interesting subject ……. Tower Climbers & Law Suits ….
It all boils down to what you're worth. The old saying, "they can't get 
blood out of a turnip" pretty much holds true, but if you have much of 
anything at all, "It aint worth the risk."

When it comes to hold harmless you can only sign for your self and many 
states are taking a long look at signing away rights and not necessarily 
honoring such documents. But even if they did honor them unconditionally 
it does nothing for other members of the person's family/heirs.

I'm working hard to get the stamina back so I can work on my tower, but 
I may have to hire some work done. If I do, no one who isn't bonded and 
insured is going up that tower. Unfortunately it's up to the owner to 
determine if the climber's credentials are valid.


Roger (K8RI)


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