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He needs to call US Towers.
They, from talking to them, they have a engineer on contract/retainer.
They quoted me $450 for wet stamp drawings for my state.
Cart before the horse though.
I would have got the permit first.

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Have you checked with US Towers if they can provide a wet stamped drawing
from a CO PE? Although it's not US Towers but when I bought my Heights Tower
last year they provided me with a Maryland PE stamped drawing.

Gary Mitchelson
N3JPU Montgomery Co. MD  FM19 

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To All,

Sometime ago, on behalf of a friend, I requested information regarding tower
installation using drill hole/bolt installation. Rather than take that
approach, he wisely decided to core-cut the existing concrete, dig a proper
hole, insert rebar cage, and base.

He has applied to the city of Denver, Colorado for a permit and submitted
the documents supplied by US Towers for a TMM-531 tower. Since the
aforementioned specifications has a "California" stamp, the city of Denver
has refused to issue the permit. Has anyone experienced this situation
and/or what is the next step?

Thanks, in advance, for any assistance you may give.


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