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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] TOWER PERMIT
From: Bill N1eY <>
Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2008 12:37:51 -0400
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I have talked with one of the local guys that has been involved in 
errecting the towers for several hams.  He has done installations since 
at least the late '70's here in Eastern Mass.  He has done modern towers 
and SteppIR's.  He told me not to bother with the permit.

I went into the town hall and I tried to talk with the building 
inspector.  First of all half of the guys around here are part time 
stick men.  They do house framing.  They know NOTHING about towers.  I 
suspect they shall go into an absolute panic like my local inspector 
did.  The whole idea of an inspection is to guarantee that homeowner is 
not being abused by a contractor.  You don't need a permit in 
Massachusetts to pull your own house wiring regardless of the statements 
made by some wire inspectors.  The guy wanted me to pay for a mass PE to 
stamp the plans; the mass PE wanted to perform soil studies and watch me 
errect the tower. 

I think that you might be able to see how much money a permit might end 
up costing in addition to the permit fee.  When your tax bill is $4,000 
for a 700 ft sq house like a majority of the homes in my town, then I 
might understand why you would not want to bother with a tower permit.  
The fellow that used to live across the street from town hall never got 
a permit.  It was up for 25+ years.


Scott MacKenzie wrote:
> Spend the money and buy a stamp...At least on the East Coast there is
> reciprocity for most stuff - but California doesn't accept other PE paper as
> valid - so others do not consider California stamps valid.  This is for a
> lot of reasons - they claim different focus on seismic issues, etc.  More
> than likely it is just another government scam to increase the licensing
> fees....
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