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I have the same problem here in WA State (rural area, way out in the County, 
not inside of any City limits.) I have a US Towers TS-472 (motorized, with the 
raising fixture.) I wrote to the County so I could make sure that no 
constuction permit was necessary. I had gotten a verbal "not necessary" from 
them when I first bought this place about four years ago, but I decided that 
I'd better actually get that in writing. They replied in a letter that a permit 
is required, and gave me their number to call. I called and found out that as 
part of the permit they need the foundation drawings, and that CA drawings are 
not sufficient - they need WA State. Doesn't look good.....


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>Subject: [TowerTalk] TOWER PERMIT
>To All,
>Sometime ago, on behalf of a friend, I requested information regarding tower
>installation using drill hole/bolt installation. Rather than take that
>approach, he wisely decided to core-cut the existing concrete, dig a proper
>hole, insert rebar cage, and base.
>He has applied to the city of Denver, Colorado for a permit and submitted
>the documents supplied by US Towers for a TMM-531 tower. Since the
>aforementioned specifications has a "California" stamp, the city of Denver
>has refused to issue the permit. Has anyone experienced this situation
>and/or what is the next step?
>Thanks, in advance, for any assistance you may give.
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