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Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2008 23:36:23 -0600
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To All,

Thanks, so much, for your responses.

I gave my friend the following options:

1. Contact US Towers and ask for specifications that either apply to Colorado 
or minus the "California Stamp."
2. Hire a local PE to spec the current plan and put his seal upon said document.
3. Hire Jack, the local tower installer, to do the whole shebang.

We will probably be selling our home in the next five years and you can bet 
your bottom dollar that I will (as always) take this matter into careful 
consideration. My next QTH will have the usual provisos for towers and an RV. 

Again, thanks for your assistance.

Semper Fi,

Tommy - K6YE

Your true character is revealed by the clarity of your convictions, 
the choices you make and the promises you keep. 
Hold strongly to your principles and refuse to follow the currents of 
What you say and do defines who you are, and you are forever.

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