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I can confirm Richard's experience. I have had a 78 ft version (counting the
5 ft fold-over stand) for over 5 years. It works very well. You can fold it
over or raise it in about 15 minutes. I have a SteppIR 3 element with 30/40m
dipole kit on top, and plan to upgrade to a larger version soon. 
For full disclosure: I designed the fold-over mechanism for them, but
otherwise have no financial interest.
You can also find some reviews, mostly positive, on

Bob, W5LT

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Bruce  K0SON wrote:

>Anyone out there have any experience with Heights Self Supporting Tapered
Towers ? If so, I'd like to here your opinion.


I put up a Heights foldover over the last year.  I works quite well 
and is very well built.  Just don't be in a hurry because it takes a 
while.  In all fairness, the first thing Heights told me was that if 
I was in a hurry, go elsewhere.

See my story at:

Richard W5SXD


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