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[TowerTalk] Lightning... and sub panel

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Lightning... and sub panel
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Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 10:28:36 -0500
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Good day all.  


I am installing a tower near a A/C sub-panel.  I have a field (6) of 8
foot grounding rods around the tower connected with 6 gauge wire and 2"
CU strap.  The station is on the second floor for now and the A/C
service entrance is on the other side of the house.  It would be quite
difficult to run strap or wire to the service entrance ground near the
meter.  Is there any way to use the sub-panel for connecting all these
parts?  The connection from the service panel to sub-panel is rated for
50 AMPS-220.  Any help or thoughts would be nice.


D 'Noid' Wilson

Frontline Communication

"The Finest Command and Broadcast Vehicles in the World"

BAS 2 GHz Relocation Project ENG

Semper Fi


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