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[TowerTalk] Lightning ground for tower with ufer ground

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Lightning ground for tower with ufer ground
From: Beat Meier <>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 19:13:02 -0300
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After several posts and reading a lot of the forum about tower grounding 
the opinions seems to differ a lot.
I'm now almost ready to install my grounding system but I'm in doubt.
First of all I will have a lot of electronic at the tower (embedded 
system,wifi stuff at 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz).
And where I live horizontal grounding is much more better than vertical 
Analyzing the earth has given me that the best value is in 1m deep
What I have:

0. Tower triangle 30cmx30cmx30cm (tower height 66m) and 6 concrete bases 
every 1m³ of concrete with rebar cage
3x in a distance of 20m of the base (G1.1, G1.2, G1.3)
3x in a distance of 35m of the base (G2.1, G2.2, G2.3
Something like this

          G2.1                                G2.2

                   G1.1         G1.2




                              Garage (20m from base)

                                                           House (55m 
from base)

The only connection are the power lines from the garage to the base no 
other connection.
I will connect the base with the garage with a wire and and a lightning 
protector but this is an other "article" ...

1. The tower base has too a 1m³ concrete with 4 connections of stainless 
soldered to the rebar cage below earth.
    the tower base of steel has 3 connections of stainless soldered 
above earth.

2. I have now opened from Base (B) to G1.1 and from Base to G1.2 a 
trench of 80cm deep.
The idea is to connect a copper wire from Base to G1.1 and from Bae to 
G1.2 to use so 3m³ concrete ...

Now my questions.

What should this wire be? Most articles here in the list says you should 
use a #4 (which is AWG4 I guess).
What I've read in several books is you must use #0 to put in earth.
My problem is now ok the greather the better but #0 is very very 
expensive here.
Now the question is: Can I use AWG2, AWG3 or even AWG4? I cannot buy 
solid wires only stranded (7x3mm for example for AWG0)
I think the usage of AWG0 is because it should alive very long in earth 
(apart that is disapates better the current)

So in the fact that I have 2x20m horizontal wires what should I use?
Do I have to put ground roads between B and G.1.1 and B and G1.2 for 
lightning protection grounding system?
What is better:
   2 radials more at the base
  use the other 2m³ concrete and go from G1.1 to G2.1 and from G1.2 to G2.2
and if it's better to go from G1.1 to G2.1 can I use a wire which is 
smaller than that comes from the base?
What do you think? What is better for a lightning protection of the 

It would be nice to here much answers. I'm since a lot of time 
investigation and time goes on and my tower is still
not elected :-(
Now I really want to go on but I don't want to burn my equipments ...

Thanks a lot for your time and ideas!



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