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Might make a great Field Day tower...  -Hello BILL ! - Mike, K4CVL in

( Heck, If you put that up, the next time I drive past your place on the way
to Hilo I DEFINITELY will stop... )

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower for sale

I am keeping my brothers in ham radio informed on some tower for
sale......perfect for that 4 over 4 stack on 80 meters.  Actually several

I have no information on the tower other than what is in this message.


1020' of Kline 7' 6" face tower. The tower is currently being stored in 
Wisconsin. The tower is solid leg/rod design. It does not have a base 
section but it does have the original guy wires. Original drawings are 
available. This is an older tower but it was maintained well by the TV 
station. It was replaced with a taller tower. I have photos of the 
tower in the air and on the ground. Asking $75,000.00 for the sections 
and guy wires. Contact Leonard at 512-751-1040.

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