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[TowerTalk] re; remotely switching balanced lines

Subject: [TowerTalk] re; remotely switching balanced lines
From: jim Jarvis <>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 22:16:22 -0400
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Anyone have any ideas on how to remotely switch
balanced lines.  The idea being to have 2
dipoles/doublets on a tower with one balanced feedline
running to the shack and be able to switch the
feedline from one antenna to the other at the tower.

Thanks for any ideas!

Gary Slagel/N0SXX
Lakewood, CO


I did this a long time ago, using open frame relays to switch between  
two inverted vee dipoles
for 40m.   Doesn't matter what kind of feedline you use.

Simply get 12v relays to switch the antennas, feed 12v through rf  
chokes onto the feeder,
and extract the 12v via rf chokes, topside.    In my case, 12v was  
one antenna, -12 was
the other, and 0V tied both antennas to the tower, for static drain.


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