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Re: [TowerTalk] Are my tower dreams in the toilet?

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Are my tower dreams in the toilet?
From: "Roger (K8RI)" <>
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2008 21:44:44 -0400
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Leif Ericksen wrote:
> As I am researching trying to get a tower up on my property I have found
> that the Lake in the Hills, IL airport is expanding (argh).  I am not
> sure if they are planning on adding runways or not.
Before you can really do any planning you need to know what they plan. 
Ask the city planner, or airport commission (It is a public owned 
airport IF I found the right identifier). A phone call or better yet, a 
visit to city hall could ease your fears much  faster than asking on here. 
> I know the present runway is about 3800 feet, and I am about 1.41 miles

It would help if you had the airport identifier such as 3CK ( )which is what a search turns up for 
Lake In the Hills, IL. The longest runway is listed as 3,058' X 50 feet 
with 4 instrument approaches. Obstructions are listed as 60' trees 1560' 
from the end of the runway and only 100' right of the centerline. Where 
are you located in relation to the airport?

That 3058 is what got you the 50:1 for distance. If they go over 3200 
then it becomes 100:1 and they are talking to the nearest corner of the 
runway, not airport.
> from the closet corner of the runway to my house (Google earth helped on
> that) and WORST case if they build a new runway and do not take down any
> homes I could be 0.80 miles from the closest corner but that would but
> that would put the runway roughly touching residential street.
Different set of rules but IIRC the end of the runway to the road is 
something like 20:1 for clearance or about 300' minimum.   They  aren't 
likely to end the runway close to homes.  OTOH  people are likely to 
build as close as they can get away with.  With a 50 year old airport we 
ended up with contractors building as close as they could get.  One day 
I was on final (High performance aircraft and big engine) for 36 when 
something didn't look right  Then I realized there was a tower sticking 
up in front of me with a guy working on a TV antenna. If I hadn't 
applied power I'd most likely have hit the tower.  This is in an area 
where even the tops of the trees have been cut off for clearance.  Next 
day the tower was gone.  This was directly off the end of a runway, in 
what is called a "clear zone" and well within a city block from the end 
of the runway.

> I guessing that because of the airport proximity (<5 miles) I would have
> FAA notification to deal with.  
Maybe and maybe not.  As long as you are below  the 50:1 or 100:1 
(depending on the longest runway length) they will probably say "that's 
fine" and not even go into any paper work.

Ask what the plans are for the airport. 
> Now would that mean that if I get a
> crank-up I would need notification every time I decide to lower and
> raise it?  
Find out what is really going on before getting too worried.


Roger (K8RI)

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