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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Feedback
From: K4SAV <>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 09:10:09 -0500
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There is a ton of information in the archives of this reflector.
Just pick a subject and do a search.  If the search engine is 
uncooperative, try doing a Google Advanced Search only on this website.  
It's a good way to learn a lot about towers (and antennas).

If you are planning a tower, getting some of that work done while you 
are building can make it cheaper, like for example, having the hole dug 
and concrete poured.  Builders also seem to be able to get permits 
easier than most individuals.  Don't forget to research what legal hoops 
you will have to jump thru before doing this, like permits, city and 
county requirements, and local homeowner association requirements.

Yes conditions are poor, but DX is not dead.  You will find it much 
easier with a modest antenna on a tower.  I have a 4 element SteppIR at 
55 ft and an XM240 at 65 ft.  Last year I worked 279 countries (271 the 
year before).  It's more difficult with this poor propagation, but it 
can be done.

Jerry, K4SAV

Michael Germino wrote:

>Mostly lurking and learning.  I do not have a tower, but have purchased land 
>out in the country and will be building a home sometime in the future.
>  I do not have any specific questions, since a tower won't be going up in the 
> next year. This is a very good group of people here and I am learning a lot.  
> I suspect, if I watch this group for the next year or so, I may not have many 
> questions.  I have seen a lot of very good information here.
>  Feedback about propagation?  I can work DX in the Pacific, mobile.  
> Sometimes on the first call.  The rest of the world is tough.  Looking 
> forward to MUCH better conditions.
>  Mike
>  73, AD6AA


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