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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Feedback
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 08:47:27 -0600
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I originally joined the group seeking information on a fold over crank up tower 
that I was given by our local historical railroad in return for building them a 
better antenna system. Mostly I moved their mast to the top of the engine house 
and pointed the directional antennas down the track instead of across it. I 
received some information about my "new" tower but not really enough to go 
beyond the generics of crank up design. That's OK because I have learned a 
great deal about foundations, re-bar, permitting, etc. to get it set up, once I 
can afford to pay the PE for a wet stamp. (By the way, not only do we have a 
PRB-1 style law in Utah, but my county and city have PRB-1 style ordinances.)
As far as propagation: 100 watts SSB to New Zealand, Poland, and Kaliningrad, 
Carolinas to Mid-west to California on a 20 meter horizontal wire dipole about 
14 feet above rather poor ground (cobble stone, clay and sand) from a mountain 
valley in Northern Utah. Wonder what a sun spot or two will give me?
73, K7MEI

> Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 18:45:17 -0700> From:> To: 
>> Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Feedback> > > Mostly 
> lurking and learning. I do not have a tower, but have purchased land out in 
> the country and will be building a home sometime in the future.> > I do not 
> have any specific questions, since a tower won't be going up in the next 
> year. This is a very good group of people here and I am learning a lot. I 
> suspect, if I watch this group for the next year or so, I may not have many 
> questions. I have seen a lot of very good information here.> > Feedback about 
> propagation? I can work DX in the Pacific, mobile. Sometimes on the first 
> call. The rest of the world is tough. Looking forward to MUCH better 
> conditions.> > Mike> 73, AD6AA> 
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