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Sounds like the wiring at the station I used to work for. You never knew if
it was going to be a mic
level signal, DC control voltage, Talkback, AC, or whatever!!

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> TT:   I wasn't going to comment on this, as so many already had.
> But one of today's
> stories triggered a recollection of my days in the broadcast business.
> So let me bat cleanup on the topic:
> a)  Summary:   Use power wiring for power, not coax.   Safety and
> your insurance
> coverage are the reasons.   You create an attractive nuisance by
> using coax, making
> you (or your estate) liable for injury.    What happens if only YOU
> know you concocted
> this wiring mess,  you croak,  and workmen are removing your tower
> for your estate, and
> THEY don't know what they're dealing with?    Dead workmen?
>       That's why we have  a national electrical code.   Follow it.
> b) My story:   Old radio station, during college days.   Bare
> shielded twisted pairs run
> all over the place.   Carried line level,  sometimes mic level,
> sometimes talkback speaker
> level,  sometimes on-air light signals.
>       Somebody installed new on-air lights.   They ran on 110,
> instead of
> the 24v the old ones used.    Still used the old low voltage wiring.
>       I'm debugging a hum in the studio monitor system, and.....  you
> guessed it.    Got across a
> pair at exactly the moment someone turned on a mic, causing the on-
> air light to light.
> Melted a screwdriver.   Got hit with sputtered metal.   Melted some
> low voltage wire.   Caused a
> small fire.    My burns were minor.    Station was off-air for a few
> minutes, while we switched CR's
> and studio.
> c)  I'm responsible for a church facility now, where we have
> installed theater lighting.   Typical theater
> bastard-lash.   Amateur job.    Lots of 240V floating around, none of
> which meets code due to connector
> type and exposure.    We now need an electrician to set it right, to
> the tune of $3k.
> Better off doing it right, the first time.
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