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[TowerTalk] Which Rohn 45 Top Section is Best?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Which Rohn 45 Top Section is Best?
From: Rob Frohne <>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 18:48:24 -0700
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Hi Gentlemen:

I have to choose a top section for my Rohn 45 installation, for a quad
being turned by a prop pitch.  The 45AG4 (with the flat top) looks not
as beefy as the other one (45AG2 I think) to me because the Z bracing
extends up to the place where the taper begins on the 45AG2 and the
45AG4 doesn't have any diagonal bracing for about three feet, but I'd
like some other opinions.  I kind of wonder if Rohn improved the top
sections along the way.  Before I compared them side by side I thought I
preferred the 45AG4 because of the flat plate on top, but now I'm
leaning the other way.  I have found flat tops are easier on the feet to
stand on than the tapered sections.  I also noted that Rohn sells a flat
top plate to put on a regular section, but I'm still one section short
and that would make me two sections short and two top sections to spare.
Here are some photos of the two sections in question:

What other considerations are there in this choice that I'm missing? 

Thanks & 73,

Rob, KL7NA
Rob Frohne <>
Walla Walla University


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