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From: EA1DR Óscar Luis <>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 09:58:17 +0200
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   Hi to all;


   I am renewing my antennas at home and there are some doubts that keep
coming to my mind. I am not very clear about the setting up of the antennas
and how to distribute them on the mast of the tower, so some advice will be
more than welcome.

My idea is as follow: the top mast of the tower will me 16,5 feet high above
the tower; main antenna will be a stepp IR 3 Element. Above the yagi I am
thinking of rigid dipole for 40m followed by another dipole for 30m; or
maybe another option could be (and here is where all doubts come to me)
putting the stepp IR in between the two rigid dipoles. Another option could
also be setting up the Stepp IR followed by the two dipoles (as I mentioned
at the beginning) but I am not sure if the two dipoles being bands so close
(30 and 40) and the spacing in between them is not enough, they my cause
interferences to each other . 

There are not many options since the mast is not too long, so suggestions
are much appreciated. 


EA1DR Óscar Luis




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