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Re: [TowerTalk] Which Rohn 45 Top Section is Best?

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Which Rohn 45 Top Section is Best?
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 15:58:01 +0000
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Hello Rob

 I would and use the 45AG4.True about the bracing but that does not seem to 
effect the strength of it, on mine any way. You will need a thust bearing and 
it sure is easy to stand on! The 45AG4 is only 8' long. That means it can ship 
UPS another plus. Hope this helps.

            73 Joe K4XZ

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> Hi Gentlemen: 
> I have to choose a top section for my Rohn 45 installation, for a quad 
> being turned by a prop pitch. The 45AG4 (with the flat top) looks not 
> as beefy as the other one (45AG2 I think) to me because the Z bracing 
> extends up to the place where the taper begins on the 45AG2 and the 
> 45AG4 doesn't have any diagonal bracing for about three feet, but I'd 
> like some other opinions. I kind of wonder if Rohn improved the top 
> sections along the way. Before I compared them side by side I thought I 
> preferred the 45AG4 because of the flat plate on top, but now I'm 
> leaning the other way. I have found flat tops are easier on the feet to 
> stand on than the tapered sections. I also noted that Rohn sells a flat 
> top plate to put on a regular section, but I'm still one section short 
> and that would make me two sections short and two top sections to spare. 
> Here are some photos of the two sections in question: 
> What other considerations are there in this choice that I'm missing? 
> Thanks & 73, 
> Rob, KL7NA 
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> Rob Frohne 
> Walla Walla University 
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