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Subject: [TowerTalk] 45G feedback
From: Joe Jaffer <>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 19:38:42 -0400
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After seeing Tower Talk posts about Hill Radio Communications I checked them 
out on the Web and decided to give them a try since 
their published prices were so much lower than Texas Towers who I had purchased 
the Rohn guy wire, brackets, anchors, etc, for last year's tower.  I just 
placed the order today for similar items, and I'm not in a rush, so as long as 
I get what I paid for it will be a significant savings on the items and the 
shipping.  Of course this is partially because I live a lot closer to IL than 
TX, but the parts still are considerably cheaper.
Texas Towers was more helpful, professional, and better on the phone in my 
experiences, but money talks and I was hoping to save a bundle this time around.
This next tower (82' 45G) will also go on a pier pin, this time with a PBC45G 
pier pin base plate.  I like the idea of the base not being bolted tight or 
sunk in the concrete so any torque or movement won't have the chance to 
compromise the integrity of the tower legs.  It also eliminates my worries 
about moisture on the inside of the tower from sinking a section in concrete, 
whether it be from the ground or from the sky.
I'll be using GAC3455's for anchors and 1/4" EHS on both sets of guys.  Just 
like last time I think the majority of the work and care will go into the guy 
It's pretty straightforward so I shouldn't have too many stories to tell, but 
being my second year doing this type of project I'll be sure to share anything 
I notice along the way; tips, tricks, and lessons learned.
Thanks to Steve and everyone who answered last years questions that seem stupid 
in hindsight but needed to be answered.
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