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Re: [TowerTalk] Highway light poles

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Highway light poles
From: "Rob Atkinson" <>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 12:15:12 -0500
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If you want one of those real tall expressway interchange light poles you
should expect to have a highway dept.size budget.  My guess that they are
NOT cheap is based on a price check of flagpoles, which of course are not
the same thing, but are another tall metal structure.    A flagpole only
around 40 feet tall cost at least $3000 -- they went up from there.  The
real tall ones that hold those giant flags that businesses have (to get your
attention on the highway) are probably at least $10K.

Why so expensive?  A few reasons.  The market for these structures is not
high volume/individual home owners so they cost more per unit and the buyers
have the money to pay the price.   They use a lot of raw material so they
are expensive for that reason too.    They have to have a fairly thick wall
to be free standing and the base has to be pretty big diameter to taper to 6
inches across at the top.  That's a lot of metal.

My conclusion was that to hold up a corner of a wire antenna and get it up
to 70 feet or higher, guyed R25 is still probably the cheapest way to go.
For lower hights you can save even more with used tower sections, push up
poles, aluminum tubing, wood poles etc. provided you play it safe with the
used sections.

rob / k5uj

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