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[TowerTalk] F12 80M beam

Subject: [TowerTalk] F12 80M beam
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 09:46:31 EDT
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Howdy, TowerTalkians --
    I'm installing a 2L F12 80M beam. I'm not sure of  the exact nomenclature 
- it was a semi-custom order - but it uses the element  coils close to the 
    I can't find a resonance anywhere (following the  manual instructions). I 
went directly to the feedpoint and skipped the balun,  relays, etc. and I've 
still got infinite SWR everywhere. Usually that's an  indication of a feedline 
problem but I've got my MFJ hooked directly to the  feedpoint and still no 
dip anywhere. Not even a little one. 
    The elements have continuity and it's a pretty  simple element; just an 
insulated center feed piece, a coil and the rest of  the element, so I'm pretty 
flummoxed why I can't see a dip. I've changed the  coil length with still 
nothing. What am I missing here?!? 
    ANY help appreciate.
Steve     K7LXC
Cell: 206-890-4188
PS - Tom, N6BT, has been sort of helpful and there aren't any nearby AM  
stations to cause problems with the MFJ. 

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