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[TowerTalk] Two questions

Subject: [TowerTalk] Two questions
From: Peter Dougherty <>
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 12:07:20 -0400
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Hi all,

As part of getting some yard work done this year, I'd like to run 
some cable about 100 feet underground to my inverted-L feedpoint. 
Currently I'm using direct-bury Davis-RF coax in a shallow (6") 
trench. I'd prefer to put in a conduit and run everything through 
there instead. I'm thinking of 3 coax runs to accommodate my 
inverted-L, a 40/80 Butternut vertical and maybe one more for 
expansion purposes later.

The question here is should I run solid PVC for this (plumbing white 
or electrical-grey), or should I be using flexible plastic drainage 
line with slots cut in it do drain moisture?

Also, does anybody know a source for sheet-copper? I'm putting my 
single-point ground panel together in the next few weeks and the only 
one sold commercially for that purpose (Polyphaser's) seems 
prohibitively expensive. I'm thinking 24 x 36" or so, 12 gauge thickness.

Could I substitute aluminium sheeting instead of copper? Stainless, 
perhaps??  I will be running 2" copper strap to the bonded ground 
system outside, so I'm thinking "galvanic action" between copper 
strapping and aluminum sheet.




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