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Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 19:58:55 -0500
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I was actually a construction supervisor for the City of Birmingham in the 
Traffic Engineering dept.
My responsibility was to install the type of poles you are thinking about.
As you know, this type of install in well out of the price of the average ham 
unless he has 
access to a digger/derrick truck and some type of material handling trucks.

A 50 foot pole, called "strain pole" will cost you 12-15 thousand dollars.
Add freight, "LTL" less than load because your only wanting one. $ 1.75 / mile
A dug hole 36"-60" inches round and 10-15 feet deep, no rock. no dirt hauled
away.  $1200.00 plus tool bits if damaged.
Rebar cage fabed/formed and dropped in hole $250.00
15-18 yard of 5000 pound cement  $1600.00
4 "J" bolts and nuts for foundation $75.00
Crane truck to unload, lift and set said pole 3 hours at $125 /hr
3 men to work pole/truck/form and pipe 2 days/60 man hours @ $12.00/hr  $750.00

That is a nice round total of $20,000.00 dollars.  Just a 50 foot pole. 
DOUBLE THIS for a 100 foot pole.

Drawing here if you would like to see.<>

F. Lee  George
Construction Supervisor (retired) 
Traffic Engineering
City of Birmingham


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