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Subject: [TowerTalk] cnt 400 specs
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Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 23:37:01 -0700
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Subject: cnt 400

 Hi all,
           I have a quantity of Andrews cnt 400 coax in my possesion. I've
 checked around the net and many people are using it at HF,  though both
 Andrews and Times Microwave's sites only recomend it and LMR 400 for 30 mhz 
 above. I'm not looking for comparable product recomendations.  I'd like to
 know why they would recomend it for above 30 mhz and make no mention of use
 below 30 mhz. I can't see anything in it's properties that would make it 
unsuitable? For my purposes it seems ideal to me. Especially seeing as I 
already own the coax. I'm interested in peoples thoughts. I'd be using  it 
from 160 to 10 mtrs running 1 kw maximum power on 100 and 150 ft runs. I 
used the Times Micro  coax calculator and the numbers at HF appear fine to 
me... what am  I missing?

TNX in advance.



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