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Subject: [TowerTalk] LB Cebik
From: Bob Bogash <>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 11:34:42 -0700
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When I read this, it just took my breath away. What a loss! I have read 
and re-read so much of his stuff, even stuff I wasn't all that 
interested in. His web site should be the ARRL antenna book. The man was 
everything said about him above and more....much, much more. I sent him 
a run down on my unusual QTH circumstances, and possible directions I 
was contemplating. He came back, quickly, with a long, witty, reply 
emboldening me to strike out in a direction with confidence. And, it all 
worked out, just like he said.

I think what I liked best about LB was his approach. Being an engineer 
all my life, I have often spouted the line "Without facts and data, 
you're just another person with an opinion." That was his approach. It 
is especially of value on bulletin boards such as this, where opinions 
are often stated forcefully, and the facts sometimes left behind. How 
many radials, how long, how high, how deep, how thick wire, or how thin 
wire, bare wire or insulated? All these questions and more that you've 
always wanted to know but were afraid to ask. He asked them - and then 
scientifically provided the answers.

What a sad day. I think today I've decided what my next antenna project 
will be - a 20 meter Moxon mono-bander that we discussed in depth. He 
really liked Moxon's - I'm going to build one and get a plaque and 
dedicate it to L.B. Cebik.

73s L.B. I'm proud to have known you, even if only via email.

Bob Bogash

P.S. His web site was very quickly removed from public access and made 
into a Restricted (albeit currently free) Access. I think  Antennex's 
actions were extraordinarily crass and poorly timed. A picture and some 
memorial mumblings leading to a now locked up site - instantly breaking 
untold thousands of links. Yes I registered to regain access (altho I 
was already registered), but I shouldn't have had to do that. Now, all 
those google searches will lead to a "Register to gain Access" page - 
the kind I almost always hit the Back button on.  Hams surfing for 
antenna information will now have no inkling of the treasure trove 
behind the newly locked gates.

What I find particularly tasteless is the speed with which this action 
was undertaken. The great man's hands were barely cold and they moved to 
create the webpages and log-in protocol to move his site "off line." It 
is particularly egregious in that it is contrary to everything LB 
believed in and stood for.

Actions usually do speak louder than words.

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