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[TowerTalk] Several connected wires to make one "thick" conductor?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Several connected wires to make one "thick" conductor?
From: "Dan Levin" <>
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 16:48:23 -0700
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I'm planning to install a vertical for 160, and want the bandwidth to be as
wide as possible.

The easiest way to make bandwidth go up is to make conductor "thickness" go
up - i.e. to use bigger wire (in this case, the radiator is wire).

I recall from something that I read ( likely on L.B.'s website, RIP L.B. ),
that one can make a wire electrically thicker by paralleling two wires some
distance apart (say 6 - 12", think of them as the tracks of the train track)
and connecting them together every so often with a horizontal wire between
them (the ties).  Like ladder line, but with short wires connecting the two
sides every so often.

Does anyone have any practical experience with such a beast, or a pointer to
a reference for me?

In particular, I'm planning on two wires 12" apart (to make a virtual 12"
conductor), and am wondering how far apart the connecting wires can be (the
short ones).


                  ***dan, K6IF


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