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To: Wayne R Hudson DO <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] yaesu rotors
From: "Roger (K8RI)" <>
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2008 17:07:43 -0400
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Wayne R Hudson DO wrote:
> Am putti9ng up a KT36XA at 120 ft and am thinking of rotors. The T2X wont
> survive much in Ohio winter and spring winds
I went through several of the tail twister type rotators (trashed them) 
and two HDR 300s in a matter of  about 3 weeks. I'd never use anything 
with spur gears and the wedge brake on a sizable antenna load. The winds 
were 30 - 40 MPH when I tried to turn the array.  I didn't think 
something that large could turn that quickly when I released the brake.  
The motor didn't have the power to stop the rotation.
> Prositel is too big and cumversome and I worry abt service.
The motor position can be adjusted so it'll fit a 45G and larger.  The 
newer ones are designed a bit differently than my old PST-61and I like 
them. They still use a pot in the rotator for position indication. 
(actually a portion of a high quality 10 turn pot)   Mechanically they 
are *relatively* easy to service and the new ones have  better seal than 
the old ones. (I need to finish 
the reassembly part on that page)  Parts are common and readily 
available for the older ones *except* for the large worm gear wheel.  I 
understand this has been changed.  For factory Service? I'd call Array 
Solutions to ask. .  I'd stay away from 
the older green models that needed the top seal redesigned and used a 
custom worm gear wheel that was difficult to get with long delivery times.

They have a chart that gives comparisons to other rotators and lists the 
PST61 as an equivalent to the HDR600 for antenna area.  I'd not even 
consider the HDR300 to be in the same running with the PST-61with spur 
gears and the wedge brake. Actually I'd like to have one of the new 
PST-61HDs except for price. OTOH with the mass I have up there it'd 
might still be the way to go.

There are a couple of rotators that I'd choose for a large antenna or 
antennas such as the array I have up.  In addition to the Prosistel 
series I'd pick the big 
( ) also available 
from Array Solutions, or the Alpha Spid ( ) 
made in Canada.  They were going to come out with a monster version in 
addition to their standard.
> Yaesu is questionable. I had one and it worked for less than a yr.are they
> any better now and can you get them fixed in the US
Again, last I knew they still use spur gears and I'd stay away from them 
for large arrays and "I believe" you can get either the Orion or Alpha 
Spid for about the same money.


Roger (K8RI)
> Any ideas

> Hud, K5ZG
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