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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] yaesu rotors
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Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2008 23:08:58 -0400
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Well. my brother has owned 2 Ferraris and they are a nightmare to keep 
running, plus maintenance is very expensive.  I'll take a Porsche over a 
Ferrari any day of the week.
Sorry if I offended some with my comments on Italian made rotors.  It is 
just my humble opinion that I'll take a prop pitch system and pulse counter 
over a pot system.  Plus there is a nostalgic value in thinking that the PP 
I'm using may have been on a bomber that helped us in WWII.

Bob W6TR
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> Bob Maser wrote:
>> I've read reports that indicate that the Prosistel rotors have serious 
>> quality problems and they ain't cheap.  In fact, I turned down a hell of 
>> a deal on a Prosistel 71 and found a PP instead.  Italians are lovers, 
>> not engineers.
> You've obviously never owner a Ferrari!
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