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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] LB Cebik
From: Commander John <>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 07:27:51 -0700 (PDT)
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The other thing is that antennex has been hawking LB white papers for a long 
time. LB approved everything and profited from anything done or sold.  The 
things done being now are most likely done under LB directives.  I do not see a 
problem with anything done.  The information is still readily available .  The 
free stuff is still free.  and if you got the dough, which I do not, you can 
buy all his books for $350 or so .  So lay off of it.  The world will go on.  
Someone else will take up from what where LB left off.  No one else did it like 
he did because he did it so well.  
  john w9zy

jim Jarvis <> wrote:
With due respect, LB's estate may do whatever it wishes with his
intellectual property. They don't need to explain anything to anyone,
least of all us, and certainly not on any timetable but their own.

I would assume they might rely upon the good offices of Jack, at 
for guidance, however.


Whoever controls the content of LB's web site needs to explain, fully
and quickly, exactly what will become of the site. and the contents.


Jack, W6NF wrote:

> Please understand that I'm not advocating this since I'm unclear as to
> who really owns the website but there are plenty of options for
> software that will download websites. Most of these will even take
> usernames & passwords.
> It would be a shame to lose this website as LB originally designed it.
> 73 de Terry KK6T

Jim Jarvis, MBA
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The Morse Group, LLC
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908 410 9130 cell

                .... Commander John ....


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