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[TowerTalk] Wilson System 33 Manual

Subject: [TowerTalk] Wilson System 33 Manual
From: AI1P Matt Steven <>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 13:49:41 -0500
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I came into a Wilson System 33 tri-band 3 element yagi antenna recently 
but have not found a manual online via BAMA or Google.  A friend 
recommended that I contact this list for advice on finding one.

My main concern is to know what the measurements of the antenna should 
be for optimal tuning to the lower portion of the 20 meter band, as well 
as how much power this yagi can safely handle.

I have tuned it to a tolerable SWR of 2:1 in most places with rough 
estimation but I am hopeful that it can do better.

Thanks and 73s,


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