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Re: [TowerTalk] Type N and PL-259 Connectors for Belden 9913 Flex

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Type N and PL-259 Connectors for Belden 9913 Flex
From: Mark Spencer <>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 12:13:59 -0400 (EDT)
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With regards to "9913 flex" (ie Belden 9913 F7 ?)  you can easily attach 
standard PL 259 plugs by cutting off one of the strands of the portion of the 
center conductor that is soldered to the center pin of a PL 259.  Although I 
wouldn't reccommend this practice, it's arguable how much extra loss and or 
miss match this would cause over and above using a PL 259 at VHF or UHF.    At 
high power levels where you would be concerned about the current carrying 
capacity of the conductors this is probably not a good practice. 
  If you are going to use N connectors I would go out of my way to get the 
correct connectors with the special center pin that will accomodate the larger 
center conductor.   My recollection is that these were quite finnicky to 
install the first few times, so if you have not done this before I would buy a 
few extras and allow yourself some extra slack in your cable runs in case you 
need to cut off the cable and start again.
  Good luck.

Jim Rhodes <> wrote:
  The 9913 flex, LMR400, buryflex (and maybe others I don't know about) 
have a larger center conductor that will not fit many of the 
"standard" connectors. N connectors for sure you need special 
connectors. I have used some "standard" solder type connectors with 
9913 flex, but the crimp needs to be special.

At 01:44 AM 4/29/2008, Jeff Stevens wrote:
>I'm looking to do some runs of 9913 flex: a run from my shack to the
>roof (through the attic) for VHF/UHF and another run (likely through
>conduit) to an HF wire antenna in the pasture.
>Until now, most of my work has been with RG-8X type cable with PL
>connectors (and reducer).
>Some sources I've come across say that I can use "standard" PL / Type N
>connectors with 9913 flex while others suggest I need to use connectors
>specific to 9913. Can someone give me the straight scoop? Can I use
>"standard" RG-8 type sized connectors with 9913 flex or do I need
>"special" connectors?
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