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[TowerTalk] Coax switch for two radios and one antenna

Subject: [TowerTalk] Coax switch for two radios and one antenna
From: Don Tyrrell <>
Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 04:06:51 -0700
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Jeff, We have many customers using the DELTA switches with multiple  
radios to one antenna. However, be sure to follow these guidelines:

1. Be sure the switch case is grounded to your station ground.

2. The unused radio must be switched to "off".

3. If running full legal limit of 1500 watts, the VSWR at the antenna  
FEED POINT should be 2:1 or less to prevent the SWR voltage from false  
triggering the gas tube ARC-PLUG protection cartridge.

4. The DELTA switches (DELTA-2B or DELTA-4B) have a co-channel  
isolation of greater than 60 dB through 10 meters with SO-239  
connectors or thru 1.2 GHz with N type connectors.

5. The switch design uses constant impedance micro-strip thru line  
construction, at 50 ohms, so it is good not to run too much power at  
too high an SWR to prevent internal "flash over" across the  
components. Actually, this is good advice with ANY coax switch.

Hopes these comments answer your questions, Jeff.

Don Tyrrell,  Alpha Delta Comm

Radio W8AD

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e-mail  <>


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