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Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 15:02:50 -0400
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I partially agree with that assessment but to a point. What the charge for
it is partially due to the price of copper wire anyway, is what it
is. A COMPROMISE.  If you have the space for it and that is ALL you can do,
you may or may not be satisfied with it but you WILL make contacts with it.
Will it work as well as a full size dipole, one would be silly to think so.
But if you don't have the space for the full sized dipole, this WILL get you
on the air and you will have some fun with it. Is THAT worth the
price?...only the buyer can answer that. I have and think it was worth it. I
am so short of space here I had to run it over the roof of the house NEXT
door which is for sale. I just had to take it down as the owner who
originally gave me permission now is under pressure from her realtor to have
me do so. I dragged my feet as long as I could but did just take it down.
But I worked a boat load of stuff with it over the last year on 80 and 160.
( Never needed it on 40.)  Not as great as a lot of guys have it but they
probably have more I WISH I DID !  --Mike

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I tried the DX-A in several different configurations. It will work to some
degree, but never as well as just a plain old dipole cut for each band. It
is a " compromise " antenna, and not worth what they charge for it. 

Kent - K4MK



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