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Re: [TowerTalk] Any reason not to use commercial CATV connectors?

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Any reason not to use commercial CATV connectors?
From: "Roger (K8RI)" <>
Date: Thu, 08 May 2008 00:15:56 -0400
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David Gilbert wrote:
> Roger (K8RI) wrote:
>> As has been mentioned, finding something to mate with either N or UHF 
>> connectors might be a bit tough.
> I've played around with plumbing fittings to make connectors for 1/2 
> Heliax and several months ago back came up with the following.  One of 
> these days I'll write it up with pictures and stick it on my website, 
> but in the meantime ...
> Home Depot sells a brass fitting that makes a very nice adapter for 
> female UHF connectors (UG-363, SO-239 barrels).  The fitting is made 
> by Watts, comes in a little plastic bag with a green stripe at the 
> top, and goes by the designator "A-200".  It has female threads on one 
> end that are identical to UHF threads, and on the other end is a 
> compression fitting that (if you remove the compression sleeve) fits 
> very well into 1/2 inch copper plumbing tube.  The A-200 fits just a 
> bit sloppy in the lightweight schedule M type copper tube but the 
> joint is still solderable.  If you use the more standard and slightly 
> thicker walled schedule L type copper tubing, just a touch with a file 
> on the A-200 threads makes a really nice snug fit.  I always solder 
> that joint (before connecting the UHF barrel) , but I'm pretty sure it 
> would be possible to simply screw the A-200 into the relatively soft 
> schedule L copper tube if you were careful with the file.  If I 
> remember correctly, the A-200 sells for about $3.
> By the way, 5/32 inch OD brass tubing makes a nice snug-fitting pin to 
> mate with the UHF barrel.  The best source I've found for all sorts of 
> brass tubing is, surprisingly enough, online at Ace Hardware Outlet 
> (*   *They sell all diameters and wall 
> thicknesses of brass tubing that, with a little bit of creativity in 
> combining them, can be mated to just about any kind of cable center 
> conductor.  Here's a link to some of the 5/32 inch tube in 12 inch 
> lengths, but they sell it in longer lengths as well.    
> **  (bottom of the page).
I just use the 1/2" brass coupling for PL259s. It fits the half inch 
hard line just fine.  I trim the jacket back far enough the center 
connector will fit through a PL259.  I slide the half inch in one end of 
the coupling and the PL250 barrel from the other end. I try to but the 
barrel against the shield. Tighten both ends and solder the center 
conductor into the PL250.  It takes a little extra tightening on the 
PL259 as the barrel is a slightly loose fit.   I kept one around here 
for an example for years, but I think it went out the last time I 
cleaned up in the shop.  (Actually found the floor)

I like the 3/4" Hard line, but found the half inch to be far too fragile 
for my work.

Roger (K8RI)
> 73,
> Dave   AB7E


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