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Re: [TowerTalk] New HD-70 tower available

To: Gene Pentecost <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] New HD-70 tower available
From: David Gilbert <>
Date: Thu, 08 May 2008 16:17:11 -0700
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I recently built and installed the exact same tower and can attest to it 
being really, really strong.  In spite of its size and weight, I was 
able to completely assemble it by myself in two sections, a 30' lower 
section and a 40' upper section ... necessary because my rocky and 
uneven hillside doesn't have enough flat space to build it all in one 
length.  I had a crane lift the two pieces into place, and Gary, K9RX, 
very graciously helped me with the installation.  There are 15 pages of 
pictures of my installation beginning at

in case anyone might be interested.  Pictures of a few other 
installations can be found on the AN Wireless web site.

It would really be a shame to see K8ZZO's tower not be put to a good 
(ham radio) use.  Dan at AN Wireless is terrific to work with and can 
supply most anything you might need, including locally stamped 
engineering drawings if needed for a building permit.  In addition to 
the 5 foot base, I'd probably recommend one additional thrust bearing 
plate (sans thrust bearing) to go between the top plate and the rotator 
plate for mast positioning when the rotator is not in place.

Dave   AB7E

Gene Pentecost wrote:
> The unexpected death of Bill Burton, K8ZZO, a noted DXer, has left 
> his widow with an HD-70 unassembled tower.  Dan Simmonds from AN 
> Wireless has written the following description:
> For Sale:
> AN Wireless model HD-70 Self Supporting Tower. Tower is new and was 
> never installed - shipped in early 2008. Available for local pickup 
> in Joshua Tree, California. Tower includes rotator plate and top 
> thrust bearing plate, also factory-supplied 5/8" step bolt kit for 
> upper (6) tower sections. Top tower section is pre-assembled, the 
> remaining (6) sections are knocked-down and require assembly. All 
> assembly hardware is included, with detailed instructions. The HD-70 
> tower offers 54.9 sq. ft. loading capacity at 80-mph, and 6.9 sq. ft. 
> loading capacity at 100-mph Basic Windspeed (BWS). This tower will 
> need a 5' sub-surface foundation section, available through the 
> manufacturer. Buyer may contact AN Wireless Tower Company with any 
> questions at:
> This tower is for sale where is, as is.  If you would like photos of 
> its condition, please send me an e-mail.  If you would like to 
> discuss the situation, please phone me at: 208-375-6337.  My 
> connection with Bill is through our QCWA activities in the Palm 
> Springs area of CA.  See:
> TNX and 73
> Gene Pentecost, W4IMT
> President, Leo Meyerson Chapter 154
> Greater Palm Springs Area
> Quarter Century Wireless Association 
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