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Re: [TowerTalk] WTB: GAP VOYAGER and a ????

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] WTB: GAP VOYAGER and a ????
From: David Gilbert <>
Date: Fri, 09 May 2008 12:18:57 -0700
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> It seems that on the various bands, matching transformer or not (it says it's 
> a fixed 4:1 un-un), the base impedance would be all over the Smith Chart.
I'm sure it is.  The manufacturer's description says it needs to be used with a 
tuner (excerpt from the manual reproduced below) as well as the 4:1 balun.  
Personally, I find the comment about coax length and the design of the antenna 
to be a bit fallacious if you need to insert different lengths of coax 
depending upon the band, even with the use of a good quality antenna tuner.

 From all accounts, the 43' Zero-Five is self-supporting for winds below 
30 mph and is built like a tank. That is apparently worth $470 to a lot 
of hams, but electrically I can't think of a single reason why a 43' 
foot wire suspended from a tree wouldn't perform equally well.

Dave AB7E

"A good quality antenna <tuner> (sic) should be used with this vertical. 
Examples are Palstar, Dentron,
Ameritron ATR 30. Some SGC remote tuners will not match some bands on 
this vertical and
should be avoided. Most rigs with built in antenna tuners will have no 
problem with matching this
vertical if the radio power only will be used. If your tuner doesn’t 
match the antenna on a
particular band, try adding 10 to 25 feet of coax using a barrel 
connector and try matching again.
Sometimes, certain lengths of coax cable will cause an antenna to not 
match on one or more
bands. This is function of the length of the coax cable NOT a design 
defect in the antenna itself.
See almost any ARRL Antenna Book for a discussion of feed line lengths 
and proper coax use."


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